IMPLEMENTATION OF AUTHORITIES OF TRADITIONAL VILLAGES (Case Study in Kanekes Village, Baduy Tribe, Lebak Regency, Banten Province)


  • Rusito Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Administrasi Banten


Authority, Traditional Village, Village Vudget


Implementation of Law no. 6/2014 on Villages is marked by the increase in village authority and village budgets, including traditional villages. In traditional villages, the use of village budgets should be carried out in accordance with the customs and customs that apply in the village. However, due to incomplete regulations governing traditional villages, the implementation of village authority in Kanekes Village and the allocation of budgets to carry out activities in accordance with local customary conditions still occur in the field. This article describes the maintenance of village authority in the Kanekes Indigenous village of the Baduy tribe and the various problems that occur. The conclusion of this paper is that the implementation of authority based on origin rights in Kanekes Village has been carried out in accordance with its customary law but village-scale local authorities include the field of village administration, the field of implementing village development, the field of community development and the field of community empowerment not yet fully implemented in accordance with the provisions custom. The implementation of customary village authority and budget allocations must be guided by applicable customary law so that in the future, does not cause negative impacts, namely the threat to the preservation of Baduy traditional values ​​and the inefficiency of state finances.