Analysis of the Quality of Manpower Placement Services at the Lebak Regency Manpower and Social Service


  • Jumanah Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Administrasi Banten


Service quality, Workforce Placement Service


This study aims to analyze the quality of employment placement services and analyze the things that hinder and support the quality of labor placement services at the Manpower Office of Lebak Regency. This research approach is qualitative with descriptive analytic research type. Informants in this study were the Department of Labor and Social Affairs of Lebak Regency, and service users, namely job seekers and employers. To complete the results of the interviews, this study used a service quality (servqual) model by distributing questionnaires. The quality of labor placement services at the Manpower and Social Service Office of Lebak Regency can be seen from five phenomena including: tangible (availability of physical facilities), reliability (reliability), responsiveness (responsiveness), assurance (guarantee), and empathy (empathy). good. This can be seen from the 5 dimensions of measurement, three of which have not gone well. Some of the inhibiting factors include: (1) Human Resources, still limited employees, not yet reliable officers in using assistive devices, this is contained in the sub-dimension of reliability, (2) System, includes the tangible dimension, namely limited facilities and some are damaged, the place of service does not provide a sense of comfort and assurance dimensions, especially in the sub-dimension of the lack of transparency of service costs, (3) customers, including the absence of public awareness, and service needs that are not in accordance with the wishes of service users due to a mismatch between demand for labor and labor conditions. While the supporting factors are viewed from (1) Human resources, especially in the dimensions of reliability (reliability), responsiveness (responsiveness), and empathy (empathy), (2) System, including free service fees, ease of service procedures, services carried out with fast.