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sustainable development, cost benefit analysis


Changes in the community development process are a synergy of spontaneous and planned changes towards more desirable living conditions. Judging from the spontaneous change process, the expected direction is a change in society which is increasingly mature, has the ability to respond to increasing demands, respond to open opportunities, and respond to existing potential. Entering an increasingly advanced development, the Indonesian nation is required to be better with the declaration of sustainable development. One of the advanced social developments in Indonesia and the embodiment of local independence is the means of land transportation that has its own route in the capital city of Jakarta which is often called transjakarta/busway. The provision of Transjakarta or Busway is a form of public service in order to overcome congestion in the capital city in order to reduce the number of vehicle density on the highway. The provincial government of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta needs to know the policy solutions to overcome this congestion and one of the inputs that need to be known in making good policies is to know the costs and benefits of these public services.