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Government Strategy, Public market


The existence of people's markets is very important for the community, to facilitate access for the community, the government builds markets according to the needs of the community. The existence of the people's market along with the development of the times is currently experiencing several obstacles, one of which is the problem of competition both globally and domestically with the nikala market. The next problem is market management which gives a bad image of the people's market. Therefore, in order to protect the people's market, it is carried out preventively, the Government must consider several aspects of the establishment of a people's market (traditional market). distribution (shopping centers and modern shops, as well as small businesses, including cooperatives) that already exist in the area concerned (2) In addition, the people's market (traditional market) must also provide a parking area of ​​at least 1 (one) parking area. four-wheeled vehicles for every 100m2 (or at least 10%) of the floor area of ​​the people's market. The provision of the parking area can be done in collaboration with other parties. (3) Providing facilities that guarantee a clean, healthy, safe, orderly public market, with the availability of comfortable public spaces. And the government's efforts to protect the people's market are (1) Stipulation and implementation of regulations related to the arrangement of the people's market, (2) Revitalizing the People's Market, (3) Creating price stability (4) Providing business space for traders, (5) Structuring the Market Management Management System , (6) Facilitate access to Financing